Monday, October 13, 2014

A couple of vintage scores!

Last week I was determined to get the flowerbeds whipped into shape, so I dove head-first into the project.  I bought a flat of pansies plus some perennials and shrubs to add to the landscape, then started ripping out dead plants and weeds.  This, of course, brought on 5" of rain over the last few days, so I haven't been able to plant any of the things I bought.  Since I couldn't plant, I shopped.

Fortunately, my sister suggested we go to our mom's church rummage sale (only to find that our mom had decided not to go!) and a few other places on Saturday, so that took my mind off of my planting woes.

I was the one that introduced my sister to estate sale and junk store shopping, but it turns out that she is much better at it than I am.  She found many treasures on our excursion, but I was beginning to think I was going home empty handed when I finally found a Pyrex Snowflake casserole:


It's in really nice shape, but missing its lid.  As it happens, I had found a lid for a quarter in a thrift shop months ago, but hadn't seen an appropriately sized casserole for sale since.  So yay, a complete casserole dish!  This brings my total Snowflake count up to 3 (well, 3 dishes, 2 lids).  Does that count as a collection?

I really like the space saver Pyrex dishes. More!  I want more!

On my way home from my sister's house, I noticed a sign for an estate sale that I hadn't seen advertised.  The sale was wrapping up, so there wasn't much left, but I found 3 rectangular Pyrex storage containers with plastic lids for $7, plus this little gem for $1:

Because, really, who doesn't need one of these?

I gave it to Farm Boy because he sure does love his weiner.  Dog.  He loves his weiner dog.

Arlo the weiner dog
I'm going to try to find an air plant to put in the little planter.  Between the cats and my regime of forgetfulness and neglect, most houseplants don't stand a chance around here.

On the cooking front, I didn't do much in the way of vintage cookery this past week.  We had guests over for dinner on Sunday (for Farm Boy's famous ribs - mmmm!) and I made my first coconut cream pie.  I sent the last piece home with one of the guests and then sorely regretted that decision after Monday's lunch. <sigh>

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