Sous Chefs

Aerial Team 
Specialists in stealing meat off the counters and providing free cat hair with every meal.

Queen Lily.  Connoisseur of cheeses and cured pork products.  Seriously, she will cut you for them. 

Serafina.  "This is all fluff, @#$% ^*!!!"

Scarlett O'Hairy.  Former barn cat turned foster mom.

Flynn.  Known troublemaker and ladies man.

Gil.  He gets pleasant all over the house!

Penn.  Professional poser and puff fetcher.

Meatball.  18 pounds of curly-tailed mama's baby boy.  He's not allowed on the table.

Ground Crew
Responsible for cleaning up spills and alerting us to dangerous intruders, such as the UPS guy.

Daisy.  It's not the best picture of her, but most of her photos are just blurs.  She doesn't have time for posing.

In Memoriam: Arlo.  2003ish to 2020. He likes to sit in front of the fan and let his ears blow like Fabio's romance novel hair.

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