Friday, June 4, 2021

Strawberry Ice Cream from The Boston Cooking School Cook Book, 1942

After watching a video about making strawberry ice cream, I decided that I must have some!  I'm not a big fan of most commercial (aka, artificially flavored) strawberry ice cream, but homemade ice cream with real strawberries is one of my favorite things.

The Boston Cooking School Cook Book, 1942

I opened this book first and was happy to see a really simple recipe.  I decided I didn't desire the egg whites, so I left them out.  I also misread the instructions and mashed the berries with the sugar at the first.  Since they released their juices so quickly, I only let it stand for about 30 minutes.

Oooh, the mashed, sweetened strawberries smell good!

Starting to freeze!

I would say this recipe makes significantly more than one quart.  My ice cream maker was almost full and I believe it has a two quart capacity.  It was still really soft, so we froze it in a container for a couple of hours.  Even then, it was softer than Farm Boy likes, but I thought it was just right for homemade ice cream.

Final result?  Delicious!  There is no vanilla to compete with the strawberries, so it is a full-on strawberry flavor.  After two hours in the freezer, it was the consistency of a soft-serve custard.  By the next night, however, it was rock hard, and the strawberries were little icicles that froze my teeth.  So I would recommend letting it sit out for a bit to soften slightly, if you're trying to keep it for more than one day.  

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