As someone who collects (hoards?) vintage cookbooks and kitchenware, I go to a lot of estate sales.  A high percentage of them contain the scariest thing known to mankind.  The one thing scarier than a clown.  The Estate Sale Doll. 

While I fear getting too close to them, I feel compelled to take their photos.  And now I feel the need to share them with the world.  You're welcome.

The original ESD.  Look how sweetly she beckons, while trying to hide the rat-chewed nub that is her left hand.    Do not look directly into her lidless eyes or she will steal your soul.

Her vampire teeth are beginning to emerge and she feels the thirst.

"I am your friend."  Twitch-twitch.

She pretends to sleep, but she is watching, always watching.

Zombie Shirley Temple has escaped the grave.

Gah!  Okay, some clowns are scarier than ESDs.

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